About Us

Who we are

We at GuideCity have been developing a platform that has been designed to bring together travellers visiting a city, with the merchants in that destination city.

Sound simple? Maybe yes, maybe no. Our team has been developing our platform by coupling together the requirements for each of our user groups. With that in mind the platform is not catered only for the traveler, nor is it focused only on the merchant. Each user group has its own set of tools to work the platform.

All the product features, functions and design have been changed again and again to take on board the feedback received from you, to make better your user experience.

What we do

GuideCity is the first truly made-for-mobile experience for destination planning. Browse postcards from places we pick out for you, save your favorites to your profile, then when you show up in person, use the postcard to get a special discount. Put down the yellow pages, and let GuideCity lead the way!